Monday, March 12, 2007

The Masters

I'm four swatches into Level I of the KGA's Masters Program and I thinking that only two of them are any good. I've always considered myself a neat knitter, but this program is forcing me to scrutinize my knitting with the most critical eye.

Along with swatches, you have to answer questions and do research. The first question has to do with how stitch patterns effect gauge, so I knit the swatches that I need to answer this question. Here they are, getting a gentle blocking:

click for bigger

The stockinette must be blocked so it doesn't roll, but the swatches mustn't be over stretched.
Problem one, the garter stitch in the upper left corner has an ugly gap. That's the spot where I dropped a stitch. I ripped and reknit, but you can see the tension has changed there. Problem two is my stockinette. It seems fine on the front, but here's the back with the gentle morning sun shining behind it:

I've rowed out!

I always thought I was as even on my purls as my knits, but apparently not. It's so slight, I wonder if it counts. Fortunately, I fared better on my seed stitch.

No holes, no gaps. Maia, what do you think? Should I reknit those two? Too bad I couldn't have blocked them severely.


  1. It is interesting how perspective will change what you think is acceptable. I would reknit them if you feel that there is something more for you to learn from them. As I understand it, they will ask you to reknit anything they feel isn't acceptable. You could always wait and see what they say.

    I like the trick of holding them up to the light. I will do that too.

  2. How interesting! I think I might learn as much (well almost) as you will during this process!

  3. barb outside boston10:29 pm

    Seeing those swatches that close has really helped me look more critically at my own knitting--thanks for letting us share this with you!

  4. I am just starting on my Level 1 as well. I thought it was going to be easy. After all, I've been knitting for nine years. But, I'm running into similar issues. Knowing that someone will be criticquing my work, is forcing me to knit better.