Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Off on a Tangent

I got invited to a baby shower and I don't have many opportunities to knit for babies. So off I go, side-tracked again:

Talk about gratifying! I cast on for this Monday evening.

Before this little cardigan came along, I had got back to work on the Oregon Vest, I'm at the neck shaping now, and I made a good start on the Clessidra sock from the latest issue of Knitty.

Thanks to everyone for your input on the shawl. My thinking matches most closely with Ruth's, the combo of yarn and pattern just didn't come together for me. I'd love to see the Diamond Fantasy knit in some Sea Silk or some other shiny variegated yarn.

But for now, I'm off on my tangent.


  1. Nice knitting! Baby knits are great fun. And, the sock looks great. Jow did I overlook that pattern?

    Bloglines isn't doing its job for me and I didn't see your fish until tonight. I love the little guy with the long tail. I started fish mitts and then got sidetracked (or was it a tangent?). Anyway, I'm enjoying the pattern.

  2. Mutant baby!! He has three arms. Anyway, cute sweater. No design on the baby sweater?

  3. what yarn are you using for the socks? I was thinking about these as well, but I'm knitting from the stash.

  4. That is a very beautiful sock.

  5. I love the yarn you picked for the cardigan, it looks very cool.

    Thanks for the green yarn hint. I aspire to someday add some Sundara to my stash. It is gorgeous stuff.