Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And now for something completely different....

This is a felted cowboy hat. Pattern sold at High Country Knitwear.

Dragon shawl. Pattern information available from Criminy Jickets.


  1. Crazy stuff! I think I saw that hat the other day when Wendy directed us to that website. I guess it would be waterproof!

    That shawl would require a very special recipient!

  2. wow - talk about branching out! I didn't even know these were items you were working on; they look fabulous!

  3. I have NOT knit either of these patterns. I just thought they were kinda cool and I wanted to show them to y'all.

  4. WOW - that is some uncommonly good stitchcraft!

    BTW - you did yerself PROUD with that haul from the Fiber Fair. I especially love those little sheepy earrings - modern and fabulous!

  5. I think I will learn how to read before I comment.

    I noticed today that there are a million people that are talking about both of these items.