Sunday, September 17, 2006

King's Culture

We discovered the most amazing textile art at the Fair, that was being displayed by a company called King's Silk Embroidery Art. Their website hardly does it justice because the pictures look like paintings. The click the following image so you can see some of the stitch detail.

They had a frame laid out so you could see how the work is done.

They will even work a custom image from a photograph.

We bought one small piece of it home with us. The frame can swivel because this is two-sided embroidery. The goldfish fins are so delicate that they are translucent. There is not a flaw in the whole thing and either side is just as neat.

Seeing work like this makes one aware of the amazing creative capabilities of human beings. I am humbled and awed. Please check out their website and read about the 2500 year-old history of this art form.


  1. Stunning! I, too, am amazed at such creative abilities.

  2. This site has even more about this amazing silk art,

  3. That is freakin' amazing.