Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Taking Care of Business

every day! Taking care of business
every way! I've been taking care of business....

Do you know, I think there may be a sound track in my head.

So, on today's agenda we have:
Sock Support
You guys are awesome. Thanks for all your support. Here's a bit more background on the Austrian patterned Knee Socks, hence forth known as the APKS, and the voice in my head.

First though, I don't hear voices in my head, I have a voice in my head. It's my own voice alright, but it's a very judgmental and critical part of my personality. I call it my judge and it's very hard to live with and usually has very little of value to add to my life. I've been learning to recognize when my judge is talking so that I can dismiss what it says.

When I got sick, the projects I was knitting for others began to feel like obligations and I wanted something fun and strictly for me. Which is not to say that knitting a vest for my dad is not fun, cause it is! I love the yarn and the pattern. Yeah, the Funky Scarf has me down, but my method for that is to just do a bit on it almost everyday. I'll explain about it more after the swap.

Anyway, once I started to get better, the judge came along and wanted me to stop babying myself. It took me a bit to recognize why I was becoming uncomfortable and writing it down for the internet to see was very good for me. Thanks again y'all!

I believe a progress shot was requested. Here's one of my favourite bits, the calf shaping:

The first issue of Yarnival! is out and my Socks in the Wild post was listed. Hooray! I haven't had a chance to check out the rest of the submissions, but it is on my TODO list. Slap it onto yours too, m'kay?

You remember Holly? I haven't seen her all summer and I really missed her. Holly is the saddest knitter on the planet just now. She has had to give up knitting due to severe tendonitis.

Just look at that sad face! I really hope she gets better soon. Do you think they'd take her picture over on Cute Overload, because I think she has the puppy dog eyes down pat.

Knit in Public on Flicker
Bonne Marie of Chic Knits has started a new group on Flicker - WIP KIP. It's for shots of knitting in public places. You can bet I have some pictures to add, just as soon as I get done posting this. Holly took this shot today for me at lunch.

Those are my co-workers in the background. Some of them actually read this blog: Hi Don! That's David and the Polish Mafia in the back there.

Knitting Book Swap
Today I sent and received my book for the Knitting Book Swap.

It's new, it's nice and I'm looking forward to going through it in more detail. Thanks Elizabeth!


  1. Poor Holly!

    That sock you're knitting - just totally stunning...

  2. Poor Holly! It does get better, I promise. I go through phases. Right now, the teeny 2's I am not used to knitting with are agravating my arm, but because I have been down this road before, I know that it will get better, eventually. Maybe Holly could enjoy dyeing yarn or another fiber related craft while she recovers.

  3. Condolences to Holly. Has she tried a different knitting approach? I have tendonitis in my left elbow and hold my yarn in my left hand, but knit Continental so there is rarely any aggravation (from knitting). That and ibuprofen 400mg twice a day without fail. I often forget all about it until I forget the ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin etc) for a few days.

  4. Holly, hope it all feels better soon. The sock is beyond absolutely stunning. jeez louise, woman!

  5. I try to only listen to the voices that tell me I'm talented and gorgeous. ;) Have fun at the shindig this weekend. I'll think of you when I'm crocheting in a camp chair under a pine tree.