Monday, September 18, 2006

Rainy Monday

I spend my day at work in meetings. Pretty much all day. It was a rainy drive home, but when I got home, my husband had three nice surprises for me that cheered me up. One, he'd cleaned out the dining room closet, two, he'd organized the pantry, and three, there was a package for me. Top that off with a really tasty dinner and Knit Night tonight and I'm pretty happy despite the rain.

So here's what was in the package:

My Socks that Rock kit! Lovely! I really like the Titania color way and I think the Titania's Revenge pattern is really fabu. I just don't think I like them together. Here's the yarn all wound up. The picture is blurry because we have no sun due to the rain.

I may try the pattern using the recommended yarn, but then again, maybe I won't!
In other news, I finished my APKS this weekend.

I'm going to take a page from Grumperina's book and not bother to knit the second sock. This one doesn't fit quite right and there are some serious mistakes in it. It just doesn't come up to standard as a sock I'd enjoy wearing. But my husband suggested that it would make a lovely Christmas Stocking. What a smartie!


  1. Don't knit the 2nd if you don't like it but it looks great from here.

  2. I agree - looks purty from here. And love the STR colorway. :-)

  3. The sock looks fabulous, and the fit looks good from this angle. Nice work there.

  4. yes! it does look great! what is wrong with it? what mistakes (yours or the pattern?)? what about the fit that doesn't please you? i'm asking because i'm considering knitting these ....

  5. Wow. I can't believe a. how beautiful that sock is and b. that you're going to skip the second one. Isn't there someone else it might fit? Although showcasing it as a Christmas stocking is a great idea...