Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yarn Hounds

You all are a pack of yarn hounds, baying at the scent of fresh stash.

Before anyone gets too excited, I have to tell you I didn't buy much yarn at the K-W Knitter's Fair. First of all, I put cash into my pocket and I left credit card, check book and bank card at home. This technique worked excellently well for keeping me on my budget, but it was very painful when I realized that I only had enough money left for lunch.

The first thing I bought was a mini sock-blocker on a key ring. It's also the first thing I played with when I got home. I think I want to knit a whole series of seasonal socks that I can switch around as the mood strikes me. First up is autumn.

Then I found some yarn to go with the Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Jacket kit that I bought in the spring at the Toronto Knitter's Frolic. Mary Jane warned me that the kit was not quite enough for an enough for an extra large size. I wanted to get a co-ordinating yarn that I could use for the collar, cuffs, as a button band and on the hem. I thought that this yarn was dyed exactly the right shade. It's even got a high mohair content. I'm thinking it will frame the variegated part of the cardigan. This picture shows my two new skiens along with the Fleece Artist kit.

Next I found the most fabulous buttons. I picked this one for the Garter Stitch Jacket.
And I bought these as well.
The sheep earrings are just too cute, and the buttons are exactly my kind of thing. First of all, spirals speak to me. They are a great symbol of cycles, and growth and turning inward. Then of course there's the sheep. Finally, I prefer buttons that are round since they don't catch on the buttonhole the way many odd shaped buttons do.

I also couldn't resist a little sock yarn. It seemed like an affordable way to try out bamboo.

The needles came from Herschners. Lynn had a coupon and just had to stop to check it out. I found these needles at the back and was intrigued by their flexibility.

For only $2, I just had to bring them home. My friends took mercy on me and bought them for me. Yes, I was down to 3 cents.

And finally, a big apology to Maureen for not including her in the wonderful things seen at the Fair. I guess it's because I saw it in London first. Get a load of her beaded Diamond Fantasy shawl.

Yowza! She strung the tear drop beads at the bottom onto the yarn, but she used a crochet hook and some magic to individually attach the beads in the main body of the shawl. It's all so neat, that someone actually asked if it was done on a machine.

I had to put this post up today since tommorrow I will be at the gym in the morning and the London Knitter's Guild has its first meeting of the new season in the evening. There's going to be a lot of catching up to do!


  1. that is THE MOST darling key chain EVAH!

  2. Oh good - you found the mini-sock blocker key chain!!

  3. Wowee-wow-wow! What a great fair you attended! And why didn't I get to go??? ;-)

    Someone gave me one of those sock blockers -- too cute, huh?? And that shawl is stunning, isn't it? And those bendy DPNs - sooo cool. I will now have to buy some at the very next opportunity.

    I'm incredibly jealous of your proximity to Fleece Artist. No one in Virginia sells that.

    Now you're making me really excited for our Fall Fiber Festival coming up next month. Yippee!!!

  4. Wow, I've seen a DFS with beads, but *teardrop* beads at the edge is genius!