Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Cup Overflows

I'm fortunate to report that my life is very full. Here's what's been happening.

I've been given some extra responsibilities at work. It's a cool bit of a promotion that looks to be exciting, and a great learning and growth opportunity. I'm pretty wore out at the end of the day, so my blogging frequency was reduced.

My local yarn store, London Yarns and Machines, is interested in selling my mitten pattern in their store. I'm going down there today to discuss terms with the owner. It's pretty exciting to me. I never dreamed when I woke up that morning with this idea in my head that it would interest so many people. Which reminds me, I want to ask that anyone who has completed some mittens, please, send me a picture. I'd love to create a gallery page. Or maybe I should start a Flickr group. I've seen started fish mittens, but not a whole pair yet.

I've started designing a sock. Which interrupts the other three projects I have on the needles. It's been a while since I've had a finished object, but I know that I'll have a rush of them all at once eventually. Here's the start:

That's my new project bag carrying the proto-sock. I bought the bag Thursday at the Covent Garden farmer's market. Here's a shot of the back:

As I was looking over all the bags, I was telling Diane, the lovely lady who created them, that I like to buy things that speak to me. This bag is whispering softly in my ear. The embroidered bits are recycled from a table cloth and I used to do embroidery like that as a girl. I seem to remember it on pillows and towels and things. The front pocket is lined with white eyelet lace like the kind I wanted for a bedspread when I decorated my room at 14. I think my grandmother may have had a bedspread like that bit of chenille on the bottom of the back of the bag. Those fluffy white ties remind me of the yarn bows I used to tie into my hair. Yes, I'm a child of the seventies. I wish Diane had a website that I could point you too, but her e-mail address is all I have to offer.

We had an in promtu knit night last night, with Maureen and Knitty Kat. Book-end knit nights, Monday and Friday, what a great way to frame the week!


  1. That bag is cute. I saw a ton of old chenille bedspeads up in Fort Bragg a few years back and now I'm really kicking myself that I didn't pick them up. Of course I was on the back of a motorcycle at the time, but I could've dumped his stuff on the side of the road and put some of them in his bag......

    Your Fishie Mittens are my next mittens to knit! I'm so excited, they're so cute!

  2. Congrats on the LYS selling your fish mitten pattern -- see, I told you it was awesome! Which reminds me, I need to purchase it!

  3. Wow, how was your chat with your LYS owner? You must be proud of yourself!
    And I'm really impressed by your white kneesock. I'm sure you know

    this sock?!
    Groeten uit Holland

  4. Ellen in Conn8:43 pm