Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Trunk Full of Fun

I had a trunk full of fun and the K-W Knitter's Fair yesterday.

From left to right: Knitty Kat, the best bargain hunter of the day, Me, who was restrained with cash and exuberant with the schmooze, Lynn, driver and shopper extraordinaire, and Maureen, who slammed her budget all to h3ll.

My purchases were slight, but the people I met! Tons of wonderful people including some who are famous. Yes! Famous Knitters!

Sally Melville gave a very entertaining talk on her Top 10 lists for knitters. And she was gracious enough to let me take her picture. Sally is an animated gal and I won't insult her by publishing some of the shots I got. Instead, here's a shot a friend took of me with Sally and I look like a dork. See how much I love ya Sal?

Do you know who this is?

I didn't, but by god I loved her sweater! The first time I saw her walking by I gasped and exclaimed over her it. The second time I saw her walking by I had Maureen with me and I asked if I could please take a picture of the sweater. We exchanged names and Maureen recognized Robin Melanson as a designer frequently seen in Interweave. Lynn just recently finished her Corset Pullover.

And no, she didn't design the sweater. Robin wrote it down for me, it is "Fitted Jacket with Embroidery" from Norsk Strikkedesign (number 100).

This wonderful lady is another Robyn, this time from Red Bird Knits.

She designed one of my all time favourite sock patterns to knit, Gothic Lace. And do you see what she's wearing? It's a vest she designed using the Gothic Lace pattern! It had a wonderful flow to it. Robyn is such a sweetie for letting me post her picture. And she has a blog too.

Here are some people who knit some beautiful sweaters.

This one is denim. I love how the cables have faded out. It's been washed 40 times and looks burnished. I can understand better, having seen it in person, why Kay, of Mason Dixon Knitting, is so nuts about it. I mean enthusiastic! I didn't say you were nuts Kay!

Of course there were more beauties than this. But couldn't always be behind my camera, I had shopping to do! Next post I'll show you my loot and discuss the success of my budget plan.


  1. What a FUN time! Thanks for the recap - I loved *going to the Fair* with you...

    Now where's the Swag? Yarn Yarn!

  2. And don't forget about our joint long range plans. Now, that'll be some swag, matey.

  3. Looks like you got the pick-me you needed!! We want more pics of the stash enhancement when you get a chance :)

  4. I didn't take many pics, but the ones I did get of you look like . .well. Mind if I steal a pic of your Galaxy for the blog?!