Sunday, September 17, 2006

Invaded by Boys

The boys had a friend over for a sleep over yesterday and so getting at the computer has been a tough task. I'd better make this quick!

Friday we went to the fair and I took some pictures of my entries. I did okay. My funky socks took second.

Here's the first place winner.
No denying that these are funkier. Maybe not as technically difficult, but then that wasn't the category, was it?

My Fiber Fish also took second.

Here's first place.
This one is a little harder to figure. The category was any knitted article. Presumably the sweater ended up here because there is no category for children's clothing. The stranded work was very well done, but the raglan shaping was a little sloppy. I wonder what the judging criteria was.

Uh oh, boys are drifting back to the machine. Looks like that's all I'll have time for.


  1. There's just no figuring judges. I often have that head scratching moment in response to writing competitions too. Yay you for being brave and putting yourself out there. I would have totally voted for the Fish.

  2. It would be interesting to see the judges' comments on that sweater to see the why of it - because I think your fish are way cooler!

  3. You were robbed with the fish - those are amazing! The sweater is good, but not as good and creative as the fish. I always think points should be given to creativity (as well as skill, etc).

  4. You wuz robbed. I'm sorry but that raglan over those amazing fish? Not even close.

  5. I picked up my items yesterday and no comments from the judges. So I guess we'll never know.

    Personally, I believe that these judges are out of touch with what's going on in the knitting world today. Probably don't even know what a blog is.

  6. Must be judged by little old ladies who put down their red heart granny squares once a year to wander over to the fair grounds.