Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Fixable

By request here are my sweaters.

The Good.
Rogue is my favourite except for the damn pilling. I followed Claudia's mods to make it a cardigan. I had the zipper installed professionally because I was too chicken to do it.

Must show the hood too.

The Bad
This is my horrible, no good, rotten, feltedManosRogue. Um, I think it got felted again. It might make a good donation to Dulaan.

The Fixable
Here's my Ribby Cardi in a state of disrepair. I've put the stitches of the roll collar onto stitch holders to wait for the zipper band. You can see it fits width-wise and the sleeve length is great. But I'm just uncomfortable wearing it as a cropped sweater.

The plan, which Holly helped me come up with, is to knit up my extra length, and magically attach it to the bottom of the sweater. This may mean mattress stitch or it may mean ripping out the cast on row and kitchenering it together. I could pick up and knit down, but the theory is that my ribbing will have a nasty off-by-one error all the way around that would be pretty noticeable.

If anyone else has tried something that worked for them, please! let me know.


  1. If you did the add on ribbing in the sleeves color, or in stripes, I think that would look really nice. I love that purple color, too bad for the disasters that befell it.

  2. I'd knit up a bit of it and try out knitting down, or attaching the ribbing before I did it on the whole sweater. It looks cute! Is it that short? It doesn't look it.

    Ah, that's the infamous Rogue! She doesn't look that bad either. Maybe make a baby sack out of her? if you can't bear to wear her?

  3. I think they all look fabulous! You are an inspiration (now I just need to do it)

  4. I love your Rogue! What was the damn-pilling yarn so I know to avoid it? And I love that you made it a cardi - thanks to linking to mod instructions. If I ever knit it, I'd do a cardi, too.

    Are you out of the green yarn on the ribby cardi? Cuz if not, then perhaps unknit to above the ribbing and then perhaps do stockinette for another several inches before the ribbing, all in the same color....

  5. Hi Mary,

    The blue Rogue was knit with a discontinued yarn from Pingou so I don't fear you running into it. And I have plenty of green yarn left for the ribby cardi. Thanks for your suggestion.