Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm almost done my funky scarf. I had an error that caused me to rip back. Then another, so I have to start one section over again. But it is the last section to do. Then the finishing. I do not enjoy knitting the funk. It seems awfully close to the fug.

To soothe my soul, I've been working on my APKS and I've turned the heel. I used eye of the partridge stitch for the flap and continued it onto the bottom of the heel. That part gets some pretty heavy wear too. I was concerned that it might change the dimensions of the heel shaping drastically, but it's not too bad. The gusset is pretty long, so all in all, I think it will balance out. I've only every used this technique before on a band heel. Please excuse the grainy picture, but the image is of the bottom of the heel.

As a contrast to all my UFOs, I give you a mystery. What is this Unidentified Fuzzy Animal?

This little fella was tearing around the computer as I was trying to write this post. So I snapped him. Here's a close up.

Yep, it's a mole.

One Saturday morning I went into the computer room and picked up a half eaten bag of Doritos my kids had left on the floor from Friday night. (We have junk food Friday at our house.) I left it on the counter and went to eat my breakfast. As I was eating I heard a funny sound behind me. I looked, but no one was there. Then the sound came again. I watched the chip bag and sure enough, it moved! I called the kids to come see. We got a box and dumped out the Doritos. There was Mr. Mole, all covered in chip dust. We took him outside and put him down. He was so stunned that he ran in one direction, switched back, ran into my shoe and finally shot off into the grass.

I have no idea what they like about our computer room.


  1. I think they have to be the coolest thing. It's hard to believe that something that can move that fast is nearly blind . . . but then again it did run into your shoe before seeking freedom.

    So they aren't "bright", but still very cool!

    Do you have a 'macro' setting on your camera? It would help with the grainy.

  2. Must be the same funky mole, who's developed a taste for Doritos. Maybe he could use a teensy mole sweater, like the squirrel sweater, as it's starting to get pretty nippy in the mornings.

  3. Poor little fella! I'm glad you set him free. They're kinda cute, aren't they? And they eat grubs (which become Japanese beetles), so they're not all bad.

  4. Ok, that's weird, but pretty cool about the mole! Now that he's had DOritos, how's he going to go back to beetles and worms?!

  5. A mole? That's wild! Mice, yes, squirrels, sure, but a mole? I don't think it's the computer room. I think it's the Doritos. What flavor? Hmmm?

  6. It was dill flavored Doritos.

    I looked it up, and I think it may be a vole, which is more closely related to a field mouse than a mole.